Preparation is the Key

Colorado's weather can be harsh to say the least, which is why making sure the exterior of your home has a proper paint job is not just about making it look nice. It also ensures that your home is protected and sealed - saving you potentially thousands of dollars in repairs over the years.

Preparation is a primary focus on all of our jobs and is something we take our time with so that it's done right - the first time. Here's just a snapshot of our exterior prep process so you'll have an idea of just how thorough we are:

  • We scrape and sand any loose and peeling paint.
  • All shrubs, plants, and flowers are protected from paint spatters and paint chips with tarp.
  • All loose, peeling paint is scraped and sanded to ensure the remaining paint is sound and tight
  • Bare areas are coated with a high-quality primer to ensure a long life for your paint job.
  • All loose nails are re-nailed. Nail and knot holes in trim and siding are puttied
  • Areas around windows, door jams, cornice, moldings, ect. are caulked to seal out moisture.
  • Before Painting, we mask off all windows, glass doors and non-paintable areas to protect them.  Your home is painted with top of the line paints:  Sherwin-Williams, Pittsburgh Paints, Benjamin Moor, MoorGard or Diamond Vogel.